Your Ultimate Student Travel Checklist

Your Ultimate Student Travel Checklist

15 February 2019

You might not want to listen to your mum, but you should totally listen to us. With 20+ years experience under our belts and a team of savvy world travellers, we've got your official lowdown on exactly what your travel checklist should include. Sure, you've got your passport and your Instagram filters already picked out, but do you know what an ISIC is? 


Grab yourself an ISIC Card 

If you're keen on paying extra costs and premium prices then look away now - this ain't for you. For everyone else, there's the ISIC Card. Savvy students might already recongise this as the International Student Identity Card and the even savvier travellers recognise this for the cash pot that it is. If you already hold a local student card then getting your hands on an international version is a must. Not only it is an internationally recgnosed card, it unlocks heaps of exclusive discounts all over the globe. Applying for your international card gets you 40% off selected Australian travel fares, McDonald's offers, 10% Jucy Hire rentals, 20% off YHA bookings, discounts with international travel brands and heaps more. To apply and check out some more of the deals, browse ISIC online.   


Grab a Phrasebook Or Scout Out Some Local Phrases 

Even if you're heading to another English-speaking country, don't bet on being able to understand the locals. If a local Aussie specimen approaches you in a social situation and says "Yeah nah, that’s heaps dog but". Will you be prepared? If you're new to English or heading to the South Pacific or bustling South East Asia, pick up a Loney Planet book or sign up for free to a few online Duolingo lessons. For the unassuming English speaker heading Down Under for the first time, brush up on some phrases with Buzzfeed


Give Your Bank A Ring 

Phonecalls still exist, and every once in a while, it's handy to use one. Before you jet off, make sure you give your bank a call and let them know. Firstly, this protects you from having your card unexpectedly cut off, gives you more insurance if your card is stolen and also makes it far easier to organise your foreign cash. Your bank can also help you organise the most hassle-free to get cash while you're overseas. Depending on who you're with, some companies also offer this setting on their apps as well. 


Photocopy, & Digitalise the Essentials 

Sure, this sounds a bit OTT but you can't possibly plan for some of the things that happen on a holiday. Many Margaritas later, I decided to take a spontaneous swim. Unfortunately, however, my passport and wallet that were in my pocket also took an unwilling dip into the ocean with me. If you've ever been stuck in a foreign city with no identification or money, you'd want backups too. This lifesaving tip covers you from a whole host of problems including theft and blurry nights out. So photocopy your goodies, email a copy to a friend or whatever works for you, and then even in an emergency, you have some sort of access to your vitals. 


Book Your Travel Insurance 

You might forget a lot of things, but your travel insurance should not be one of them. Don't fall into the trap of thinking this only covers physical accidents, depending on your plan you're also set up for delayed flights, lost luggage, stolen goods and more! Our travel gurus will set you up with the right plan for you location and needs so flick us your details and we'll deliver the goods. 



You may think this one would be an obvious one...but, think again. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of packing for a trip and forget about some of the most important things. Depending on what passport you hold, most countries require a tourist visa or a preapproved work visa on arrival or else they'll turn you right around. So don't ruin your trip by not getting your paperwork in order. If you still think being organised is nerdy, then you're way behind the times. Make sure to check your government site as well as your host countries visa requirements and get yourself organised early so you can focus on more important stuff like will one pair of jeans be enough for a three week trip. For more info on some of the main visas, have a browse on the Australian and New Zealand government sites.