Ten Reasons to Travel Australia in Your Twenties

Ten Reasons to Travel Australia in Your Twenties

5 March 2020

It’s no secret what your twenties are for; fun, adventure and self-discovery. Of all the things we do during the early years of adulthood to ensure they are most memorable, travel is always high on the list.  

Most young Australian’s will look abroad when planning their first travel trips, reserving the exploration of home for later years. While we think travel of any kind is exciting no matter your age, here are ten reasons we think you should keep the passport packed away and travel Australia in your twenties. 

More options for budget-conscious travellers 

Once upon a time, travel in Australia was deemed a costly affair and overseas trips had a far more frugal appeal for young, budget-conscious travellers. Nowadays, Australia has a plethora of options for money-savvy explorers, including bus passes connecting to multiple destinations around the country, cheaper domestic airfares and competitive platforms to find cheap accommodation. Not to mention the best things to see and do in Australia, like visiting National Parks, beautiful beaches and city icons, are absolutely free!

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You have fewer commitments 

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of your twenties. We tend to have fewer commitments during these years, which is why so many people choose their twenties to go travelling. While you might think Australia can be conquered later in life regardless of your commitments, there are plenty of reasons why it is more appealing while you’re young. You won’t keep a car full of kids easily entertained on some of the longer Australian road trips, and cheap accommodation like campervans, hostels and campgrounds are easier to stay in without a family in tow. Australia is also kind of enormous, and with this much to see and explore, you might want more than four weeks of annual leave to see it all. Get in before adulthood really hits and you realise you’ve only really got time for weekend trips. 

You’re in the best shape to tackle the Aussie terrain 

We’re not knocking the grey nomads who get around the country, we’re simply suggesting there are some Aussie destinations better suited to agile twenty-somethings than retirees. If you wait till you’re 70 to visit Uluru, do you really think you’ll feel up for a 10km base walk or a 4-hour hike at Kings Canyon? The same theory can be applied to sandboarding 70km down the sand dunes at Jurien Bay, 4WDing Fraser Island or scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef. We firmly believe you are only as old as you feel, but if you’re in your twenties and happen to feel fantastic, why not put that energy towards an Australian adventure. 

The perfect time to face your fears 

A 102-year-old woman was the oldest person ever to skydive, and she did it in South Australia. While her bravery is truly inspiring, we’re not sure many people in that age bracket would be up for jumping out of a plane. No, it’s far more likely to be the kind of thing a youngster would enjoy doing, and Australia has plenty to offer those ready to face their fears and seek some thrills. In Australia you can cage dive with Great White sharks, swim with saltwater crocodiles, skydive in nearly every state, helicopter over incredible formations like the Bungle Bungles and Uluru, abseil cliffs and so much more. Don’t leave it too late to add one of these heart-racing Australian experiences to your thrillseeking list. 

The world is changing 

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing the world today there are plenty of reasons to fear its effects on Australia. There are growing anxieties over the future of our Great Barrier Reef and even the Ningaloo Reef, with warmer waters contributing to coral bleaching and potentially upsetting entire marine ecosystems. We have also recently seen how devastating natural disasters can be in Australia, with the 2019/2020 bushfires dramatically impacting huge natural areas across the country. Don’t dismay! The Australian landscape is incredibly resilient and we are home to amazing environmentalists who fight hard to protect our unique environments. With that said, don’t wait for an uncertain future, see and enjoy every aspect of this beautiful country while you can.  

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You’ll feel more prepared to travel overseas 

Travelling anywhere for the first time is exciting! The experiences you are about to have will be incomparable and we have no doubt you will look back fondly on your first travels. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. There’s plenty to prepare for when heading abroad for the first time and one way to feel better equipped to handle a foreign country is to travel your own first! Sure, you won’t have to do currency conversions in your head or read signs in another language, but you’ll start to grasp the basics of travelling, navigating and adventuring, giving you the skills necessary to head far from home with confidence! 

You’ll gain a greater appreciation for home 

There really is no place like home. Australians who travel or move overseas will always return home with a quiet appreciation for what they always had right here. We really are a lucky country, with great year-round weather, pristine natural environments, some of the best beaches in the world and excellent infrastructure. Once you’ve spent time travelling around Australia, you’ll no doubt feel a heightened appreciation for and connection to this great country. 

Australia has some of the best experiences for travellers in the world 

Let’s just look at a few, shall we? Travellers come from all over the globe to see Uluru in the Northern Territory, sail the Whitsunday Islands, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, swim with whale sharks off Western Australia, surf breaks off the Gold Coast, bliss out in Byron Bay, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, scope out street art in Melbourne, drive down the Great Ocean Road, taste wine in South Australia’s Barossa Valley, 4WD the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island...we could go on all day, but the point is, you don’t have to leave the country to achieve some of the world’s best travel experiences. 

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It’s safe 

Travelling around Australia is generally considered safe, especially for young adults. Crime is lower than many popular international destinations and Australia is regarded as a safe place for solo travel too. The main things you want to be careful of when travelling in Australia are weather warnings and potentially dangerous animals. Luckily, if you grew up here you will already be aware of necessary safety precautions and understand where risks are most prevalent.

Lifelong friendships

Travel guarantees many things, one of which is friendships. When you make friends overseas, organising reunions and keeping in touch over the years can be difficult, and often you lose touch with pals met abroad. When you travel around Australia, you are guaranteed to meet and make friends all across the country and with greater ease to see them more often, you’ll likely have these travel buds for life.