The Low Down on Why To Invest In Travel While You're Young

The Low Down on Why To Invest In Travel While You're Young

16 February 2019

Hone Life Skills

Travel helps you develop some serious life skills that will stay with you long after your trip has ended. When you're overseas help is not always readily available and you've got to learn to rely on yourself and make the best of what tools you have. From coming out of your shell, being thrifty with it comes to hunting out deals or recognizing your gut instinct - finding yourself alone in a foreign situation challenges you in a way that home rarely does. Your first solo travel experience encourages independence, street smarts, confidence, people skills, and practicality while teaching you vital skills you can't find in any book. You'll thank us later. 


Awesome Friendships 

Apart from the obvious, embarking on a journey out of your comfort zone is the best possible way to secure lifelong friendships. Shared experiences with fellow travellers you meet along the way are one of the absolute best parts of travel. Most people are in the same boat and there is a certain mentality of travellers that draws all personalities together. From other travellers to locals, mix with people of all ages and cultures - you'll be surprised what you find. New friends are incredible, but so are old friends. Nothing like a mindblowing experience halfway across the world makes you appreciate your friends and family back home.


Career Opportunities

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive and while some people might still see travel as a 'break', there is an overwhelming amount ways that it enhances your career opportunities. The life skills you learn prepare you for the workforce, globe-trotting shows personality and drive to employers and experiencing different places and cultures can help you put your career and what you're really passionate about into perspective. Apart from skills to take back home, you can also advance your career overseas. From study abroad programs, international internships and work placement visas, in the 21st century, you no longer have to choose between travel and work if you don't want to. 


Health and Happiness 

It's not just us, this is science guys. Travelling literally makes you happier and healthier.  Okay, let's talk about happiness first. This might seem pretty obvious, but let us give you the down low. According to research in the Netherlands, even just the act of planning a trip increases your happiness hormones. Not to mention time in the sun, self-confidence, new friendships, lower stress and better sleep - all of which comes courtesy of yours truly. Now onto health - we're talking more energy, lower blood pressure, deeper sleep and way more. 


Our travel experts are all about sharing experiences, so drop us a line and tell us what do you think the most important part of travel is.