How To Travel Whilst Studying In Australia

How To Travel Whilst Studying In Australia

18 June 2019

You’ve made the epic decision to study in Australia, moved all your stuff to the Land Down Under, and are excited for days filled with sunshine, beaches and good times.

But then there’s the actual studying!

What do you mean you actually need to spend time looking at books and writing reports?!

How the hell are you supposed to enjoy Australia with deadlines and homework?!

Well, luckily for you we’re the Student Travel experts, so we know a thing or two about making the most of Australia, without having to compromise your studies!


Weekend Getaways

One of the easiest ways to make the most of your time while still getting your work done is a weekend getaway! Not only does it refresh your mind to actually help with your studying, but there’s plenty of great destinations all over Australia that are perfect for a weekend of fun.

Firm favourites like SydneyMelbourneByron Bay and even Cairns allow you to fit lots into a weekend without feeling too rushed - and with cheap flights from Tiger, Jetstar and Virgin Australia, it won’t even break the bank! If you're looking to flit off for the weekend, make sure you check our student flight quotes and we'll hook you up with the hottest deals in town. 


Staycations (Holiday from Home!)

Lets face it, you chose where you’re studying for a reason, so why not spend some time exploring all the great things on your doorstep?! There’s plenty of local tours on offer from all destinations in Australia so if you’re studying in SydneyMelbourneCairns, the Sunshine Coast or any of the other great cities in Australia, there’s a lot to see and do without moving too far!


Mid-Semester Holidays!

This is the ultimate way of travelling while studying abroad! Mid-semester holidays offer the chance to really get out there and explore, fitting plenty in and having an all round epic time! Planning ahead is the key here so you’re not in a last minute rush!

Mid-Semester breaks offer a big enough time frame to tackle an awesome East Coast Package - really sampling what Australia is all about and heading out on a really solid adventure, without the worries of lectures and deadlines. It’s the perfect opportunity to gather together some buddies too and speak to our team for some awesome group discounts, because we know you want to stretch that student loan as far as you can!


Whether you’re looking to fill an afternoon, long weekend or a couple of weeks, contact us now for the hottest deals and destinations Down Under.