5 Reasons You Need To Be In Fiji Right Now

5 Reasons You Need To Be In Fiji Right Now

12 August 2019

Fiji isn’t somewhere that we really need to convince you to go. These gorgeous tropical islands are postcard perfection and most people in the world have daydreamed about island hopping around Fiji as part of their travel plans. What we can do is make you even more convinced that Fiji should be your next destination and tempt fate a bit! So here are our team top 5 reasons you should be visiting Fiji sooner rather than later…


Fiji Time

Let's face it, today's life is all about working hard. It’s fast-paced, it’s chaotic and you need some downtime ASAP!

Well, Fiji runs on a totally different pace to the rest of the world and it’s affectionally known as Fiji time! As soon as you step off the plane the sense of urgency leaves you, you feel immediately relaxed and everything begins to flow.

Fiji time is just what everyone needs a slice of. Slow down, chill out and smile!


The Warm Vibes

Along with a better pace of life comes the incredible Fijian hospitality. Music will greet you on every island and you’ll be serenaded as you leave. Big smiles, big hugs and warm Fijian vibes will be one of the most memorable parts of your travels in Fiji.

The Fijians love to chat, invite you into their homes and feed you heaps of amazing food, so embrace the hospitality of these amazing locals and take every chance you can to get involved in the local communities and families you’ll meet along the way.


The Weather

Pack sunglasses.

Pack a hat

Pack suncream, a lot of it.

…this is all we’ll say on the matter!


The Beaches

With over 300 islands there is more than enough beach space in Fiji to go around! Beautiful white sandy beaches, warm tropical waters, amazing snorkelling and colourful marine life all make the beach the centre of any holiday to Fiji!

Grab your swim gear and jump in, take a romantic stroll along the sands or laze back on a hammock and simply soak up the view - the choice it yours!


The Activities

Whilst Fiji is the perfect destination for a relaxing trip there are also heaps of incredible things to experience - whether your simply want something chilled to do or really want to get your adrenaline pumping!

Scenic hikes, waterfalls, mud pools and snorkellig with majestic manta rays are ideal for those on a slower pace of life in Fiji and for those who want a bit more of an island buzz the famous shark scuba dives and shark snorkelling experiences are the perfect way to get your heart racing amongst the island calm!


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